St Spiridon

One of three Sutivan churches/chapels located southeast of the town on an ancient road from Sutivan to Donji Humac, a former Sutivan parish (15th century). Back then, Sutivan was a scarcely populated natural harbour used by the inhabitants of Donji Humac. Its development began from 1444 when coastal settlements stopped living under the threat piracy.  In early 1579, Sutivan became an independent parish and a settlement with 150 inhabitants. St Spiridon, the bishop of Cyprus miracle worker, is a saint worshipped more by the Orthodox church than the Catholic, which makes the church somewhat of a rarity attesting to the broad outlook of local folk, as well as of immigrants fleeing from Turks which found their new home on the peaceful island far away from wars and turbulent times of 15th and 16th century. Spiridon is a patron saint of artisans, especially potters, and like many other saints helped people to fight plague, pestilence which in several occasions ravaged through Europe after the 13th century. The Sutivan people worshipped him and pledged to him as a patron of olive oil makers.

(Chapel of a unique shape on the crossroads of ancient roads from Sutivan to Donji Humac (16th century). Near the church there is a speleological site (a cave), the only one in the Sutivan area.)