Gustirda water tank in the Likva lagoon

Gustirda or gustirna (water tank) in the deep lagoon with sandy bottom officially called Livka but the locals call it Likva is an example of traditional construction which bears witness of a hard life on a waterless island when man-made water wells with its reservoirs were an important source of drinkable water for people and animals. Water harvesting sites were constructed by clearing the vegetation off large slanted areas of rock. At its base, a deep watertight pool would be walled which would accumulate rain water. Near bigger pools drinking troughs for cattle were constructed from which water was then drawn out with a bucket. As the wells became somewhat neglected, pond vegetation started taking over (reed, rush and other) and animal life (frogs, dragonflies and others) so that they became important habitats of pond ecosystems. Unless they’re important for water harvesting these sites shouldn’t be cleaned or filled in. All natural ponds on Brač are under the protection of the NATURA 2000 European ecological network.