Parish church

Two beautiful bell towers dominate the silhouette of Sutivan. The bigger one featuring a distinct turret belongs to the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built from 1576 to 1590. In 1772 the church was expanded and raised as well as extended towards west. In 1800 Croatian master altar-maker Petar Pavao Bruttapela started the construction of bell tower which was finished by his son, Andrija Bruttapela, after his father’s death. 2013 marked 200 years of the completion of the bell tower. The altar of the church is adorned by a monumental tabernacle and the remaining six altars are dedicated to important Sutivan saints. There is a valuable organ from 1799 built by an important builder Gaetano Moscatelli situated in the church choir. That is the only Moscatelli’s organ which has been in continuous use. In 2001 the organ was completely restored by the Czech masters from Krnov. The church occasionally holds classical music concerts. In ancient history dead had been buried in the churchyard until the graveyard on St Rocco had been established, and the gravestones were built into the churchyard walls after the churchyard had been paved. It is especially festive on August 15th, the Assumption of Mary and August 16th, the Feast of St Rocco when there are processions, gatherings and music events in front of the church.