Cemetery and the Catacombs

2013 was a centennial of the new Stivan graveyard, designed by Alfred Novellier with very interesting and original arrangements and is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries on Brač and beyond. It is a rectangle with four equal units, with one chapel in the center of the cemetery and the other above the entrance into the catacombs. The catacombs are a rarity among Dalmatian graveyards and were built in the quarter which belonged to Sutivan religious brotherhoods and where the graves of the members of the brotherhood were placed. Nonveiller designed the catacombs in two interconnected long corridors with numerous niches in order to get more space and provide a dignified burial space even for the poorest members of the brotherhood. The chapel of the St Sacrament brotherhood is also an entrance into the catacombs. Other parts of the cemetery are hold tombs of wealthy individuals, often adorned with beautiful decoration, in particular those in the south-eastern section. The cemetery looks nicest on the days of All Saints on October 31st and November 1st when it is decorated with flowers and lit with numerous candles.