Ancient shipwreck Likva

The ancient ship with a cargo of sarcophagi and uncut stone blocks from the quarries of Brač from the Škrip locality is sunk at 30m off the cape of the Likva lagoon. Some interesting artefacts were found in diving exploration which helped to date the wreck to 3rd century which can be linked to the beginning of the construction of the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace in Split. The ship carried 30 tonnes of cargo and probably sunk when a strong wind from the north east tipped it and it got stuck under its own cargo in relatively shallow water. Only smaller ceramic artefacts have been extracted from the wreckage as well as thigh bones of one of the unfortunate sailors. Very interesting find is a gambling dice made of bone, most likely of serial production which is indicated by distinct craftsmanship. The discovered artefacts are on display in the Sutivan Public Library, and the rest of the cargo will be on display in situ, without protective netting which will make this wreck very interesting to divers.

(About 50 meters from the shore, at 30 meters of depth, a unique underwater archaeological site has been discovered. It is a sunken Roman ship from the 3rd century which carried rare cargo of uncut stone sarcophagi from the quarries of Brač.)