Vela Lokva

Hidden in the Sutivan hinterland, Vela Lokva is a site of unique tranquillity and atmosphere. It is a water harvesting site which, according to legend, never runs dry. Through the ages it has been enclosed by a dividing wall to increase the capacity of accumulated water. The pool was of high importance back when Brač didn’t have a water supply connection to the mainland (before 1970) and all the wells in the settlement would run dry. A line of women would then form with water buckets on their heads to fetch water form Vela Lokva in the blazing summer sun. It is hard to imagine nowadays the thirst that overcame the island then. Today the pool is overgrown with pond vegetation and is under the protection of the NATURA 2000 ecological network. The conducted bioenergy research shows that the area surrounding the pool has special therapeutic and recreational benefits. It is considered favourable to spend some time in the area, listening to the sounds of nature and contemplating the once hard life on the island that is nowadays a frequently visited destination.

(A unique cultural and historical site which reveals stories from the history of the island, relying on folk legends (fairies, elves, macićs) and beliefs.  It is a water harvesting site which, according to legend, never runs dry and where the women of Sutivan went in lines in great heat to get water for their households.)