The Marijanović Tower

The Marijanović family arrived in this area with the wave of refugees from Poljica at the end of 16th century. As reputable military commanders who fought Turkish invaders they accrued large estates. These included the estate in Sutivan, consisting of residential house, adjacent to the Kavanjin summer house, and of a defense tower built on the beach. The tower is called kaštil (castle) and has been renovated into a residential home while maintaining the original shape. The south side of the tower features a sun clock and the space between the tower and the residential house was called “Janko’s courtyard” among locals. The name is a tribute to count Janko Marijanović. The Marijanović family is particularly known in the history of Sutivan for their conflict with Jerolim Kavanjin, which the poet described in detail in his poem “Riches and Poverty”. Despite his lifelong efforts to diminish their military service and their integrity Kavanjin did end up praising them as wise and brave heroes in his poem. The tower/house is nowadays inhabited by the Tavra family. Owing to its subtle beauty and its positioning in the center of the east part of the harbor, the tower is frequently seen on photographs of Sutivan.