Bike friendly Sutivan

Blowing through the themed cycling trails, the winds of Dalmatia will guide you down the marked and unmarked trail paths, while whispering about the ancient Sutivan stories and legends.

By choosing wind as the new identity of Sutivan we show respect for the power of nature and the influence winds have on the people and the everyday life in these parts.

Fishermen and sailors have always considered the wind as a friend and treated it with the utmost respect, because they knew that without it they wouldn’t be able to sail out and return home. Therefore, to honor the winds, they’ve hand carved an impressive wind rose on the stone pillar in front of Kavanjin Manor at the bottom of Sutivan harbor, leaving for generations to come a message about the importance of winds, their names and the directions they come from.

Resisting the sun, the rain and the time, this message came to us, inspiring the new identity of Sutivan as a modern island town with a long tradition.

With its windy story, Sutivan leads you down LEVANAT, MAESTRAL and TRAMUNTANA trails.

If you want to enjoy every moment on your bike ride, admire the amazingly diverse scenery around you, take deep breaths of the fragrant island air, listen to the continuous buzz of thousands of crickets and discover the infinite fortune of Brač’s cultural heritage, Sutivan is the place for you.

Finally, when you come back from such an inspirational ride, you can soak in all the impressions at one of Sutivan’s BIKE FRIENDLY cafes, get your strength back at one of the BIKE FRIENDLY restaurants and, finally, find some rest in our BIKE FRIENDLY apartments where you can get ready for your new adventure.

The way we welcome our friends has been for centuries engraved in the stone of Kavanjin Manor. The doors (and alleys) of our little town are now wide open to our friends on bicycles.

Welcome to Sutivan, with the wind at your back.


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