Trail Maestral

Sutivan’s trail of the present times. Maestral is an (every) day wind typical for the warm parts of the year. It’s just like a best friend: nice, reliable and you always know where to find it. You’ll enjoy its company every step of the way on this trail.

From Sutivan we take the asphalt road westward. After just a couple of minutes of cycling we come to a  sandy beach at Likva cove. This cove is famous for its ancient shipwreck site located not far from the coast, and at only 30 meters deep in the sea. This is the ship that in late Antiquity, carried stone sarcophagi and different stone blocks from the Roman quarries that were on Brač at the time. This kind of shipwreck with such cargo is a rare find in the Adriatic. Our ride continues through beautiful coves shaded with pine trees all the way to Deralo beach where we turn away from the sea and start climbing inland. Only a couple minutes’ walk westward from cape Deralo, there is Timunić beach where we can see a limestone furnace, also known as a lime kiln called “japjenka”, a rare semi-preserved monument of traditional drywall construction that was used to make lime, an essential part of stone house construction. From Deralo, we bike through the well arranged olive groves to Golo brdo (Naked Hill), where you can see a memorial dedicated to the fallen Brač soldiers during the Homeland war.

Close by is Vela lokva (Big Pond), which belongs to the European Ecological Network Natura 2000, and is of great importance for the conservation of plants and animal diversity of the surrounding ecosystem. Vela Lokva has also been of historic importance for its inhabitants as it has been the only source of water during draught.

Then we descend to Our Lady of Krtina chapel located on the hill of the same name, and further on to the votive church of St. Roko, the patron saint of Sutivan. The church is famous for its votive offerings and pictures and models of ships saved from the storm. Near the church there is a local graveyard and interesting underground tombstones called “Catacombs”, the only ones of the kind on the island. From St. Roko hill we continue down towards Sutivan through a narrow ‘kongule’ street (Cobblestone alley).