Trail Levant

Sutivan’s trail of the past. Levanat is a moderate yet steady east wind that comes with cloudy, humid and rainy weather. On the Levanat trail the wind will give its best to whisper to you numerous stories of Sutivan’s millennial past. With such a wind at your back, it’s easier and more fun to go further ahead.

We move eastward from Sutivan to a macadam road leading us to a place called Mirca. Mirca is one of the smaller villages on the island that is divided into two parts – a historic center with a large church and a bell tower and a new part located on the seafront next to a lovely port with fishing boats. Right next to the place, centuries old olive groves stretch deep into the interior of the island accompanied by a wide-ranging network of countryside roads bounded by drystone walls which lead us up to the Smrčje area.

After we’ve climbed up to the Smrčje area, we need to continue north-west  back towards Sutivan. On our way there, we come across St. Spyridone chapel and “pjover”, a water tank dating from the last century.