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Geographical location and climate

Sutivan lies on 43°23’8″ north geographical latitude and 16°28’36” east geographical longitude. The distance from Split is 13.200 m. Sutivan is situated right across Split, 7 km west from Supetar. Surface area is 2.181,31 ha. The highest points are St. Rocchus 54m, Vrankamen 80m, Gustirna 87m, and St. Vincent 89m.
The climate is Mediterranean: mild winters and hot summers. Average yearly temperature is 16,5° C. The coldest month is January and the hottest is July. It is most cloudy in October and most rain falls in November and December. Average temperature in January: 9° C and in July: 28° C. Average annual precipitation: 258 l/m2.

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