Visit Sutivan


Little shipbuilding school

Little shipbuilding school From July 14th – 18th little shipbuilding school is held in Sutivan. Attendants will build a little boat all together and launch it into the sea at the end of school. You[…]

Nina’s world of bubbles – children’s play

Nina’s world of bubbles Little girl Nina is discovering the world of hygiene and preserving of health. See this children’s play starting at 9 P.M. on Friday, 30th June at Kavanjinovi dvori (Kavanjin’s garden)  […]

Tramuntana trail

The trail starts from Sutivan centre southward to St. Roko hill and votive church of St. Roko, built in 1635. Local cemetery is near the church, specific for its underground tombs called „Katakombe“ (catacombs), the[…]

Maestral trail

We start from Sutivan towards west, to Likva cove. The ride is only a few minutes long, on asphalt road. There is a shipwreck from ancient times found not far from the shore in Likva[…]

Levant trail

Starting from Sutivan to the east on macadam road we come to Mirca village. Mirca is one of the smaller villages on the island, divided in two parts – historical part, with a big church[…]