Visit Sutivan

Maestral trail

We start from Sutivan towards west, to Likva cove. The ride is only a few minutes long, on asphalt road. There is a shipwreck from ancient times found not far from the shore in Likva cove, at 30 m depth. The shipwreck is believed to have been a transport ship for stone sarchophagai and stone blocks from Roman quarries, ordered by buyers from ancient Salona in late antiquity. It is one of the few shipwrecks found in the Adriatic and Mediterranean sea.
Our ride continues through pretty coves shaded with pine trees until Deralo beach, where we turn away from the sea and start climbing inland. Only a couple of minute’s walk west from Deralo is Timunić beach with a rare, semi-preserved monument: a traditionally built drywall furnace called „japjenka“, used for making lime. Lime was an important material for building stone houses.
The ride continues through beautifully arranged olive groves to Golo brdo (Naked hill), where you can see a monument dedicated to Brač soldiers fallen in the Homeland war.
Our next location is Vela lokva (Big pond), protected by Natura 2000 of the European Ecological Network because it preserves plant and animal diversity of the surrounding ecosystem. Vela lokva is also historically important: it was a source of water in times of drought when all the other water.
Then we descend to Our Lady of Krtine chapel on Krtine hill, followed by church of St. Roko, the patron saint of Sutivan. St. Roko’s church is famous for its votive offerings, paintings and models of ships.
The local cemetery next to the church has underground tombs called ‘Katakombe’ (catacombs), the only ones on the island. From St. Roko hill we continue down towards Sutivan through narrow ‘kongule’ street (pebble road).