Visit Sutivan


The Villa Stivan is situated near the place named Sutivan only 3 km from the center and approximatelly the same distance from the sea and beaches. The Villa is surronded by houndred years old pine forset and olive groves,providing you unique felling, authentic atmosphere which will stimulate all your senses and in the same time will calm your mind and relieve stress. If your want peace and you imagine yourself in your private oasis, far away from bustle ,noice and exhaust gasses, this is the place right for you.

Stivan is old name of young fishing place named ,,Sutivan” which Villa got name.
The width of space, plenty of light, the feeling of freedom, it is a first impression you get while you are sightseeing the hotel. Immediately afterwards view stops on a very interesting and beautiful look of the facade of the house, which has detailed elements of indigenous traditional building. It is built in a little bit diffrent style, replica of a traditional dry stone walls and is perfectly matched in appearance Split parts.
The environment deserves to be praised, with surviving trees, perfect protection in the daytime heat and very pleasant backdrop at night hours. One of the most beautiful position sizable home yard is the center with furniture in the garden designed for spending time with your company. Or just like a place for resting where you can just think about where to go or what to do next.
And where you can go? For example, you can play game of tennis on the side of house. Perhaps, you can go for a relaxing swim in the large pool, next to which is a big séparé all covered with baldachin. You can also do the barbecue and play with your children on the playground. Or you just have desire to just enjoy and thinking about some coctail party, which can be held exactly in this yard. It gives you this possibility beacuse of its size, spaciousness and atmosphere.
The interior is not far away from the open space, without walls and unnecessary furniture. It also can give you an impression of casual atmosphere which calls for entertainment ,just as the table for tabletennis in the middle of living room. There is also another interesting detail, table with tiny mosaic next to seating furniture. There is also a beautiful collection of paintings which extends along the walls of the hotel beautiful.


Mila Jakšić 091 955 5557

Davorin Krmpotić 091 8151 657