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Biciklistička staza Kongule

Old pebble roads
A symbol of all Dalmatian villages, pebble roads are a true example of using nature-made materials and showing exceptional skill in the technique of arranging pebbles and preparing the base to endure the test of time. Pebbles called “kongule” are actually stones shaped by sea waves. Some pebble roads are aesthetically shaped with interesting patterns, showing the author’s creativity, as opposed to the hard work they had to put in.

St. Vincent’s church
Church of St. Vincent was built in 1857 on a place called Vrankamen. Holy mass is held here once a year and a blessing of fields is performed. Sometimes it is used for wedding ceremonies because people like the pleasant environment and the beautiful view from the top of the hill.

Our Lady of Krtine chapel
Our Lady of Krtine chapel is an example of dedication to Christianity on Brač island, expressed by many churches and chapels that were built on island hills and near roads. This chapel carries the name of the area where it was built (Krtine) and it is one of four Sutivan chapels. The state of the chapel and its inventory are the indicators of how often it is visited.