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The three houses of Hotel Lemongarden
A place of power with a special flair

The charming Boutique Hotel Lemongarden consists of three houses, which form a harmonious unit. The first house, Ilić Dvor, was carefully restored under the watchful eye of the historic preservation office. Two other houses were then added: Definis Dvor and Vesna. These houses are protected as historical monuments and are over 300 years old. They were gradually and carefully renovated with sustainable construction. The stones of the houses are wonderfully cool in summer and give off warmth when it’s cool outside. Materials from Brač and the best craftsmen in the region have breathed new life into these wonderful, old stone houses. “Do not build in a picturesque manner. Leave such effects to the walls, the mountains, and the sun…” said Adolf Loos.

Planting is like painting a landscape with living things. This is exactly what the gardens that surround the magnificent buildings are: a painting made of roses, bougainvilleas, hibiscuses, palms, and hundreds of fragrant lemon trees. Nature is both an eye-catcher and calming influence. In this idyllic oasis is also a large outdoor pool, which invites you to relax and enjoy yourself. If you prefer to be by the sea, an exclusive private beach in a pine forest is awaiting you only 10 min. from the hotel.

With its opening in July 2016, the heritage Hotel Lemongarden with 22 Suites & 6 Rooms will be a refuge of well-being and enjoyment for guests. The restaurant with bakery and patisserie, lounge bar, and beach bar – everything is arranged so that you can enjoy each day of your stay to the fullest. This is just the beginning, because plans are already in the works for the construction of the exclusive Lemongarden SPA in 2017.


Hotel Lemongarden
Reception / Reservations
Tel.: +385 (0) 21 660 0620
Ilić Dvor D.o.o. Perića Kala 1
HR-21403 Sutivan / Brač, Croatia