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Castel Nonna Franka


Situated in the heart of Sutivan along the scenic harbor promenade, this old castle in form of a tower with the original name Kastil Marijanović, was built in 17th century by a settler Janko Marijanović – Dražoević, known as count Janko. This is a picturesque and relatively small building, with inclined ground-floor providing the impression of being fortress, with balcony overlooking the sea and sun clock on its southern side.

It has been in family for almost 100 years, and the sun clock was restored in 2004 and since then has regained full functionality.

The double  room has been renovated in 2015 and consists of double bed, fridge and kitchenware ideal for breakfast preparation and quick meal, dining area, bathroom and balcony overlooking the harbor.

The warmth and airiness of the rooms is obtained through valuable old furniture and simple Mediterranean decor. When entering this old fort you will immediately feel the special intimate and warm atmosphere. Each detail of our interior was passionately chosen, and we dedicate special attention to each of our guests.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend your holiday in this unique charming stone fort on the main promenade of Sutivan, walking up with the smell of the sea, having breakfast on the most beautiful balcony in town, swimming in one of the cleanest seas in the world and tasting numerous homemade brandies.



Antea Ivanovic

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