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Sutivan (Stivan) is a small town and port on northwest side of Brač, the highest and largest Dalmatian island situated in Split – Dalmatian county. Together with Vičja Luka cove and Mala Tiha cove, Sutivan is a part of one of Croatia’s  smallest municipalities, surface area 2.181,31 ha. Population census of 2001 counted 747 permanent residents in Sutivan. Being closest to Split (13km), Sutivan used to have a direct ferry line but today ferries use Supetar port. Direct lines from Sutivan to Split are available only during the tourist season.
Beautiful coves line up along the coastilne: Stiniva, Likva, Stipanska and Vičja Luka. Most arable land can be found at the end of hollows, all the way to the sea. Mostly anthropogenic land is found on plateaus in higher parts of Sutivan cadaster municipality. Olive groves and vineyards dominate over most surface areas, compared to the number of acres, forrests, pastures or barren land on the island. The surface structure is a result of a hundred year long tradition of agriculture, which made Sutivan municipality number one in population density on cadaster surface area. On the turn of the last century, agriculture flourished with a high level of product per person and this is when Sutivan made its wealth on agriculture and help from diaspora. Many vineyards were neglected and some people changed crops and started planting citrus fruits but in the last ten years people have been turning to olive growing again.
Sutivan municipal area enjoys a Mediterranean climate: mild winters and hot summers. Average annual temperature is 16,5 °C. Temperature rarely falls below 0°C.